• Gina Denny

Episode 1.5 - Okay Awesome

This episode is pretty forgettable.

It’s standard sitcom fare, and the “best” moments are pretty tropey, not really indicative of the show’s overall brilliance.


A bunch of stuff from this episode comes back around: NYE, Super Bowl, Coat Check Girl, Marshall & Lily trying to force themselves to grow up, even the club and the bouncer come back next season.

Writing Prompt:

Go to your cut file, or your old drafts, or whatever you’ve got, and resurrect a dead idea. Pick up a darling that you were brave enough to cut and figure out a way to make it new and shiny. If you have notes on why it didn’t work, great! Fix it. If you loved it, but it just didn’t fit, great! Put it in a new story. It won’t look exactly the same, but that’s because you’re a better writer now. All these bits and pieces of this episode that come back around, they’re in episodes that are much better than this one. That’s the whole point. We grow as writers, maybe now you’re ready to polish up that killed-off darling and make it shine again.

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