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Episode 1.3 - Sweet Taste of Liberty

Updated: Jun 16

This episode takes us on a standard hero's journey.

1. The Ordinary World: Ted wants to hang out at his regular bar

2. The Call of Adventure: Barney asks him to go out and do something new

3. Refusal of the Call: Ted says "no"

4. Meeting the Mentor: Barney pulls up in a cab and kidnaps Ted

5. Crossing the First Threshold: Barney takes Ted to the airport

6. Tests, Allies, Enemies: Barney and Ted hit on girls who flirt back

7. Approach to the Inmost Cave: Barney and Ted are arrested by airport police

8. The Ordeal: Barney and Ted give up on Philly and start taking an expensive cab back to NYC, only to find out they're actually on their way to the Liberty Bell

9. Reward (Seizing the Sword): Ted licks the Liberty Bell

10. The Road Back: they drive back to NYC

11. Resurrection: They tell the story to impress girls in NYC

In order for Ted to lick the Liberty Bell, basically everything has to go wrong, though. If everything had gone according to Ted's original plan, he would have had a moderately fun night in NYC. If everything had gone according to Barney's original plan, they would have had sex with random women they met at the airport.

Instead, they both made mistakes (lapses in judgment, forgetfulness, lies that get tangled, etc) that lead them to the opportunity to do something unforgettable: They lick the Liberty Bell ("it tastes like freedom... no just kidding, it tastes like a penny")

Ted's original goal for the night was "have fun". Despite everything going wrong, he got what he wanted.

Writing Prompt:

Pick a story you know well. Write down what the main character wants at the opening of the story. Write down what they get in the end. Work backwards and figure out what needed to go wrong in order for them to triumph in an unexpected way.

Listen to the episode here

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