The Pineapple Principle is a podcast for writers. 

We are using the CBS sitcom HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER as the inspiration for our discussions on storytelling and writing. 

Each week, we break down a new episode, going in order from the beginning. We identify an important principle of storytelling and analyze how it works in that particular episode and how you can apply it to your own writing. Then we give you a writing prompt to help you practice. 


Darci Cole - First Time Watching HIMYM, Sound Engineer & Producer

Darci is a writer of fantasy novels for teens and a member of Brandon Sanderson's elite beta-reading team. She teaches classes on writing, storytelling, editing, and beta-reading at conferences. Her YouTube channel, Darci Diaries, documents her writing journey. She is an audiobook narrator and voice actor on the fiction podcast SHELF LIFE. She is a mother of four, a wife, and a fantastic singer. 


Gina Denny - Sixth Time Watching HIMYM, Creative Director

Gina has a degree in business and a masters in education. She spent eight years in banking and management, took eight years off to be a homeschooling parent, then taught music at a public school for five years. She now is a legal assistant and a writer. She also teaches at conferences, focusing on feminism, education, science fiction and fantasy, and productivity. She is a mother of four and a spinal surgery warrior. Her website offers tips for writers. 


Darci and Gina met on twitter sometime in the very early 2010s. They bonded over writing, books, and specifically Harry Potter. They both live in the Phoenix metro area and are available via the contact page on this site or at pineappleppod(at)gmail(dot)com